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BMW kolarikorjaamo pääkaupunkiseudulla

You invested in a premium quality German-made vehicle, so you and your ride both deserve the best possible service experience.
With 20+ years of auto repair experience and a loyal customer-base in Helsinki Area, we can put your mind at ease with our long experience from BMW collision repair. 

Collision repair

If you have recently been in a collision and want peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is in safe and trusted hands, we can help.

Damage assessment

Bring your vehicle into our garage and we will assess the severity of the damage to your vehicle. Often, the extent of the damage isn’t immediately obvious from the outside. We will thoroughly assess the extent of the damage to your vehicle and keep you informed throughout the repair process. Common repair work includes:

Parts replacement

Our collision repair service skills allow us to make fast and accurate judgment calls about what can be repaired, what needs replacing and which parts are the most appropriate for your vehicle.

We order brand specific parts for repairs. This means that you don’t need to worry about inferior aftermarket parts, or used parts being installed during the repair process. Most importantly, this ensures that your factory warranty will not be voided by any work done to your car.

Insurance & customer care

Insurance companies approve of our collision repair services, so your vehicle is welcome in our garage, regardless of your choice of insurer.

We don’t want to leave you stranded while repairs are being made, so we can loan you a car upon request while the repairs are being carried out.

Windshield replacement

Windshield damage is always inconvenient, but it’s always necessary to get it checked out whenever you notice any chips or cracks. To avoid it progressing from an inconvenience to a danger, book your BMW in for an appointment with us and we’ll assess the damage for you.

We have a proven track record with BMW repair, so you can rest assured that the integrity of your vehicle is our top priority and that any glass repairs or replacements are suitable for your BMW. Tonifix uses Pilkington and Saint-Gobain windshields exlusively.

BMW Paint

Your BMW left the factory with a flawless metallic paintjob, its class and elegance turning heads wherever you roam. There is no reason why it can’t make the same impression again after your accident. We can make your vehicle look like new regardless of the level of work involved. Our paint repair services include:

Scratches, chips or scrapes?

No problem! We can accurately color match your vehicle’s paint and refinish it to the same standard as when it first left the factory with our spot painting service.

Have you been in a serious accident with damage to a significant area of your vehicle’s paint?

We can do a full repaint, professionally carrying out the preparation work and multiple layers of painting, to quickly have your BMW looking like new again with a high-quality result.

Don’t risk a second-rate experience, book now for quality repair work.

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