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When your car needs new paint

Reasons for car painting may include rust, scratches or damage due to crashes. Our collision repair shop carries out both small and large painting work.

If your car has minor scratches or individual cosmetic damage, repairs will be done with spot painting. We clean, polish and smooth the scratches with exactly the same color shade, after which there is no trace of them.

We do repairs to the car’s paintwork only as needed. For example, if a spot painting alone is not enough, we will instead do a crash painting. Then dents and damage are straighten and repaired, after which a new and impressive paint finish is applied. We know that a good work is not done by cutting corners. Careful use of the right chemicals in the various stages of the painting and a solid workmanship guarantee a successful outcome.

The car paintings are done in a modern painting chamber, which we renewed in 2015. We use water-based Spies Hecker paints for a precise shade and a high-quality finish. We inspect the shades to be painted before starting a new painting and, if necessary, tint the new one to match the old one.

Please note that we also provide a replacement car when needed. Mention the need for a replacement car when booking a painting or asking for a quote.

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